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Easy Way Track is a dynamic transportation services company ready to help you transfer your package anywhere in US and Canada within 48 hours.

Our dedicated team has been solving freight problems for businesses all across North America for almost 10 years and we can firmly state, there always a solution. No matter how big or small is your business, make sure to gives us a call. We provide logistics consulting and can offer a shipping quote tailored to your business needs.

Easyway Logistics Advantages


Sea freight, also known as ocean freight, is one of the longest established forms of transporting goods internationally.
Airfreight is fast-moving, challenging and constantly changing – it’s the nature of the business.


Customs clearance work involves preparation and submission of documentations required to facilitate export or imports into the country,
representing client during customs examination, assessment, payment of duty and co taking delivery of cargo from customs after clearance along with documents.


Whether you are looking for a transportation service or a new business opportunities, contact us. We are determined to offer you the best quotes and find solutions to any problems.